Legal Disclaimer

IDENTIFICATION DATA: According to the Spanish law, as reflected in the section of the Act 10 de la Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico, we must indicate the following:

Web Site: Granada Te Guía

Holder: Juan Antonio Pla Aguilera (from now on, the Holder).

ID Card: 76629868D

Address: Granada, Spain

Inscription: The Holder is not signed up in any public registry according to the LSSI.

Regulated Profession: tour guiding is not a regulated profession.

The holder is not registered to any code of conduct.

The user can contact the Holder by the email address [email protected].

USERS: the access or use of this website gives you the status of User which accepts, from the moment of accessing the site, this Legal Disclaimer, as well as the rest of Conditions, Policies or Warns. Children under the age of 14 can access Granada Te Guía only with their parents or legal guardians’ authorization and, in that case, they will be responsible for the use that these minors do.

USE OF THE WEBSITE: the Holder gives access to a variety of information, services, pictures, information or data (from now on, contents) which belongs to the same Holder or to one of its licensors. The user assumes the responsible use of this website. Said responsibility extends to the sign up needed to accessing certain services or contents. The user, when signing up, must give truthful and lawful data. The Holder can give, after the registry, a password, which the user must keep and secure.

According to the above, the user must guarantee that won’t try accessing areas in the website where they don’t belong.

The User compromises to make an adequate use of the contents and services that the Holder offers through the web. First, to not incur in illegal activities. Second, to not spread contents or propaganda which are or promote racism, xenophobia, illegal porn, terrorism or are against human rights. Third, to not harm the physical or logical systems of the Holder, of its providers or of third persons and to not introduce or spread informatic viruses. Fourth, to not access other users accounts and to not manipulate their messages. The Holder reserves the right to delete all of these harmful messages. In any case, the Holder will not be responsible of the opinions made by the users though the forums, chats, social media or any other tools.

INFORMATION SPREAD BY THE USERS: this website may contain forums, chats or other places suitable for uploading pictures where users can express their opinion and exchange files online. Information, communications and files that are sent through these forums, along with their email directions and other communications spread by the users won’t have any confidential consideration.

The Holder doesn’t assume any responsibility about the information or other communications sent by the users through these areas, and is the user the sole responsible for the uploaded information or shared, according to the section of the Act Ley Orgánica 15/99 de Protección de Datos.

DATA PROTECTION: the Privacy Policy of the company can be consulted in detail through its section in this website.

INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY: The Holder, as himself or as an assignee, is the holder of all the intellectual and industrial rights of its own website, as well as all of the elements contain within itself. All rights reserved. It is strictly prohibited any kind of reproduction, distribution or public communication of the entire website or parts, with business purposes. You may visualize elements or even print, copy or store them in your computer’s hard drive whenever it is, exclusively, for personal uses.

EXCLUSION OF GUARANTEES: the Holder is not responsible, in any case, of any harm that could be caused with a declarative title, mistakes or content absence, lack of this website’s availability or any virus spread, despite having adopted previously all the security measures needed to avoid them.

MODIFICATIONS: the Holder reserves the right to make any modifications that it considers in its own website, changing, deleting or adding the contents and services or the way they are presented.

The Holder reserves the right to shutting the website temporarily, without prior notice, for maintenance purposes.

LINKS: In the event that the website contains links or hyperlinks to other Internet sites, the Holder shall not exercise any control over such sites and content. In no event shall the Holder assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to another website, nor guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, comprehensiveness, accuracy, truthfulness, validity and constitutionality of any material or information contained in any such hyperlinks or other Internet sites. Likewise, the inclusion of these external connections does not imply any type of association, merger or participation with the connected entities.

COOKIE POLICY: The Holder’s cookie policy can be consulted in more detail in the corresponding section of this website.

RIGHT OF EXCLUSION: The Holder reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and / or services offered without notice, at its own request or at the request of a third party, to those users who violate this legal notice or any other conditions set forth in the page of the Holder.

GENERAL: The Holder will pursue the breach of these conditions and any misuse of its website by exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond by law.

OTHER TERMS OF USE: In addition to the provisions of this Legal Notice, the User acknowledges and accepts the other general conditions for the use of this website and the use of its services are available.

MODIFICATION OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND DURATION: The Holder may modify at any time the conditions set forth herein, being duly published as they appear here. The validity of these conditions will depend on their exposure and will remain in force until they are modified by other duly published.

Although the legal relationship between the Holder and the User, arising from access and use of the site, has an indefinite duration, it shall be deemed terminated at the time that the Holder modifies these conditions. At the time the Holder announces the modification of these conditions, and the User accesses and uses the services and contents of the site, a new legal relationship between both parties shall be deemed initiated and shall be equally indefinite.

APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: The relationship between the Holder and the User shall be governed by Spanish law and any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of the domicile of the Holder unless by law they must be submitted to the domicile of the User or the Holder has expressly submitted to an arbitration procedure. If the User decides to use or consult this site from outside the country of the Holder, he/she must bear in mind that he/she does so on his/her own initiative, and that he/she is responsible for compliance with the relevant local laws.

Information related to the online dispute resolution of Art. 14, para. 1 of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Regulation):

The European Commission offers consumers the opportunity to resolve disputes online under Art. 14 para. 1 of the ODR on one of its platforms. The platform ( serves as a website where consumers can try to reach settlements without going to court in connection with disputes arising from online purchases and service contracts.

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